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Outward Hound Safety Vest


Reflecti-Vest provides peace of mind, assuring your dog is visible and easy to view in a variety of situations. Great for use at night or when an area is poorly lit. Use on walks, jogs, hunting trips, and more. The fluorescent orange color provides maximum visibility during the day and the reflective strips light up in dark or cloudy conditions when exposed to lights. Adjustable design and lightweight materials allow for a comfortable fit and non-restrictive movement. Made with water resistant materials.

  • Size: Medium or Large
  • Fits: Pets 18 to 50 pounds
  • Girth: 29” including 5” of Velcro
  • Back Length: 15.5”
  • Easily attaches to collar
  • Adjustable elastic belly strap
  • Fluorescent orange color provides maximum visibility.
  • Reflective tape assures added visibility when exposed to lights.