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Master Hunter: The Game


“Hunters who sit down to play this new board game will realize right away that it will be a fun time if the game’s questions are well written…Fortunately, the questions are challenging and there are lots of them.”—John Geiger, Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, March 2009.

Master Hunter: The Game was designed by hunters specifically for hunters. With this board game at fireside, deer camp will never be quite the same.

The concept of the game is as basic as the primal chase. Hunters travel around the country in search of trophy game animals and fill their tags through a combination of strategy, knowledge and good old-fashioned luck.

This game will test your expertise on the topics of wildlife and their habitats, camping and woodcraft, hunting techniques and strategy, hunting regulations, weapons knowledge and safety, first aid and survival. You will also be punished and rewarded throughout your hunt based upon accepted field practices and ethical scenarios.

Ultimately, the player who collects sufficient trophies and proves his mettle will earn the title: MASTER HUNTER.